Big Bay Point Lighthouse

Superior Touch Spa Services
at the Lighthouse

#3 Lighthouse Road
P O Box 3
Big Bay, Michigan 49808
Phone: (906) 345-9957

The Lighthouse offers Massage as part of a package, or from a menu of options.

Make all appointments with Deborah at 906-361-3423

The Massage Hut

What is the Massage Hut?

It's a 12 x 12 screened hut that sits just below the lighthouse in a secluded wooded area 30 feet above Lake Superior. The front walls are screened. This allows the sights, sounds and scents of the lake and surrounding woods to add to the relaxation of the massage without letting the bugs enjoy you. The back wall and 1/3 of each side wall are solid to provide privacy. The hut is at the end of a trail that is accessable only with a key.

Open Memorial Day through October 15

Winter Spa Service Available in the lighthouse, from December 3 through April 30.
Monday Through Saturday
9:00 am to Noon
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Massage appointments must be made directly with Superior Spa. For reservations call 906-361-3423.

Lighthouse Spa Packages

Add to any two night lighthouse stay:...

Superior Spa: A one hour Hot Stone Massage and Dead Sea mud pack $75.00 per person.

Relaxation for Two: Two individual one hour relaxation Massages and dinner at the Thunder Bay Inn. $180.00 for two.

Romance Package: available Memorial Day weekend to October 15 only. A romantic one hour side by side massage for two, a lighthouse romance basket and dinner for two at the Thunderbay Inn. $250.00 for two.

Menu of Spa Services

Superior Spa Massages

Relaxation Massage
Sometimes refered to as Swedish Massage, this massage is designed to give you a full body vacation feeling.
1/2 hour - $35 (not a full body massage)
1 hour - $65
1 1/2 hour $100
Theraputic Massage
Designed to address specific stressed or injured muscles & body areas. The pressure is deeper and more targeted. This massage can be used alone, or in combination with a relaxation massage.
1/2 hour - $35 (not a full body massage)
1 hour - $65
1 1/2 hour $100
Warm Stone Massage
The total vacation massage. Heated stones from Lake Superior are placed on the body for penetrating warmth while other, smaller stones are used to massage the body. The most popular Spring and Fall massage, but a big hit in the summer as well.
1 hour - $70
Couples Massage
The ultimate in romance, a relaxation aroma therapy massage for two in the secluded woods next to the lake.
1 hour - $150.00
Available Memorial Day weekend to October 15 only.

Superior Touch Cocoons

Herbal Body Scrub and Wrap: An excellent treatment for exfoliation, detoxification and relaxation. This treatment starts with an invigorating salt scrub designed to stimulate circulation, remove dead skin and open pores. You are then wrapped in a warm sheet which has been soaked in a blend of herbs designed to draw out impurities, soften the skin and promote relaxation.
While basking in the warmth of the herbal wrap, you'll be given a face massage and Dead Sea Mud Mask followed by a foot massage with a blend of peppermint essential oil lotion.

1 hour $100.00

Relaxation Massage and Herbal Body Wrap: Designed for complete relaxation, this treatment starts with a relaxation massage using a blend of essential oils that promote a state of calm. The massage is followed by an Herbal Body Wrap, Dead Sea Mud Mask and a foot massage.

1 hour 45 minutes $125.00

Body Scrub and Herbal Body Wrap: An excellent treatment for exfoliation detoxification and relaxation. This treatment starts with a lavender salt scrub designed to stimulate circulation, remove dead skin and open your pores. The scrub is followed by an Herbal Body Wrap and Dead Sea Mud Mask.

1 hour $100.00

The Works: Take relaxation to the ultimate level, we'll start with an aromatherapy relaxation massage, lavender Salt Scrub, Herbal Body Wrap, Dead Sea Mud Mask and foot scrub.

2 hours $160.00

Massage Enhancements

For The Face

Dead Sea Mud Pack
ESS Dead Sea Mud Pack is a rare blend of natural salts and minerals. It contains chloride to balance, iron to strenghten and sulfates to beautify the skin. As it dries it cleanses, exfoliates, draws out toxins, hydrates and improves the flow of nutrients to the skin's surface.
Mud Mask $10.00

For The Feet

Foot Scrub
A salt scrub designed to soften the rough areas of your feet. Don't your dawggs deserve it!
Foot Scrub $10.00

For The Ears

Ear Candling
Also known as Ear Coning, this ancient healing art was used by the Egyptians, Mayans and Tebetans. The vacuum created by the lit candle helps clense the ear and remove residues, thus relieving inus pressure and reducing hearing loss caused by ear wax.
1/2 hour$35.00

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